A street food wedding

Make yours a wedding to remember

Forget the sausage rolls and sarnies at the buffet: wedding food just got good.  


You know that point of a wedding when the sun is setting, everyone is having a great time, bellies full of champers, and everyone could do with a bit of grub? Imagine our little red fire truck pulling up at that moment full to the brim with Mexican goodies. The bride and groom would be pretty popular, right? "Best Wedding Ever", they'd say. 


Imagine that scenario as your big day - sounds pretty good, hey? 



The best bit: you only have to do 2 things! Choose your menu (we'll help you with that) and tell us where to park on the day. Wedding planning is stressful enough so leave the food to us. We're self-contained too, so we won't make a mess of your venue's kitchen or leave any washing up.


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The Food

On to ~The Important Bit~. THE GRUB.


The Fire Truck


Have a peek at our sample menus to get an idea of what we can offer up at your street food wedding. We usually recommend burritos as wedding food: blimmin' delicious, filling and, most importantly, edible with one hand. Watching your guests dance the YMCA with a burrito in hand is classic. Trust us.


We're flexible, though. If you've seen something else you'd like us to serve, let us know and we'll make it work for you. 



The Nacho Buffet


This isn't any ordinary wedding buffet, this is A NACHO BUFFET. 

Sometimes it's just not possible to have a food truck at your venue. Never fear, we can bring the street food inside, too. We'll set up a self-service, hot buffet featuring our signature meats and a range of fresh toppings and sauces. Your guests will each get a box in which they can build their own nacho creation.




If you want to get creative with any of the above options just let us know! It's more than likely we'll have done it all before anyway.

how does it work?

1. Get in touch. Let us know the date of your wedding, venue address, approx how many people we'll be feeding and any ideas about food you'd like.


2. We'll get back to you with a quote and menu ideas. We chat about our ideas until everyone's happy.


3. We agree on a price and menu. We'll send you a short agreement to fill in to make sure we're all on the same page. 


4. We invoice you for a deposit. Congrats, we're now yours for the night.


5. A week or so before the wedding, we'll have a quick check-in to make sure we're all happy with the details. The full payment is due.


6. We show up on the day and blow your minds with our Mexican street food. Your wedding becomes legendary. You will go down in history as the hip couple who had the cool street food at their wedding (or something like that...)


Frequently asked questions 

Q. Can you cater for special dietary requirements?

A. We're big on inclusive catering so yes, for sure. We offer veggie, vegan and gluten free options as standard. If you have any other requirements, just let us know ahead of time and we'll sort it. 


Q. Which areas do you cover? 

A. We cover parts of the east and south-east of England. Please get in touch to find out if we can join you at your wedding.


Q. How many people can you cater for?

A. As many as you like! We've been doing this for a few years now so we're dab hands at assembling and wrapping burritos.


Q. Do you take special requests?

A. Yes! Just email us. We're flexible.


Q. When do you arrive and how long do you serve for?

A. We'll arrive 1-2 hours before we begin serving and will usually serve for 2.5 hours - plenty of time for your guests to get their fill!