Our Story

How street food became our thing

Chihuahua’s was born of a love of food. The love of the communities that food helps shape, the relationships it builds, the comfort it brings, the food that defines different cultures. The variety. The smell. Cheese, in general.


We love food. It’s as simple as that really. 


We love honest, inclusive food. We will always strive to cater for all dietary choices and requirements whether that's veganism, gluten intolerance or a deep hatred of avocado (yeah, apparently that's a thing?!)  


You can read more about our food over on our sample menus.


We also love the freedom that Chihuahua’s and the street food life gives us. We create the recipes. We decide where and when we work. We do things that are important to us. 


The Chihuahua's journey

Chihuahua’s: Modern Mexican Street Food began life as Chihuahua Burritos in July 2014. 


Our first pop up was a minor disaster. We sold approx. 4 burritos and forgot chopping boards and foil (essential burrito-wrapping component).


Luckily we didn't give up. Every collaboration and pop up got better from that point!


At the same time, we started a Mexican food delivery service from our tiny flat in Norwich. We had a fancy website built that allowed customers to order online. It was all a bit budget Deliveroo but was an instant success and we were flat out most evenings.


However, this was probably the most stressful part of the Chihuahua's journey as Jon was both Head Chef and Delivery Driver. So after a while, we decided enough was enough and closed up (delivery) shop. 


We then spent a few months doing a lunchtime residency at The Alley cafe and then a full-service residency at The Mash Tun for 6 months (where Deliveroo did a real-life delivery service for us. It was shocking, but that's a story for another time).

After a couple of lovely (very educational) years selling Mexican food to the people of Norwich, a bit of travel called our names. So, in November 2016, we decided to hit the open road. We took the mammoth journey to Cambridge and bought our little red Fire Truck that we converted into a catering vehicle that travels all over with us. 


So that's where we are. From gazebo to restaurant to food truck. Who knows where we'll be in another two years but we can't wait to find out.

Jon + Laura

Jon is the foodie one. Laura is the wordy one.



Jon started Chihuahua’s after a varied life of touring, engineering and restaurants. Working as an engineer in London, he became obsessed with the street food available and realised that his dream of opening a restaurant could be even better - as a pop-up! After spending time working in various restaurants for experience, he worked for Levi Roots at Urban Food Festival. From there, Chihuahua's began.


  Laura gladly went along with Jon's Mexican dream, knowing she’d be burrito tester in chief for the foreseeable future. As well as running her own digital marketing company, Laura enjoys standing in the Chihuahua's fire truck and chatting to customers whilst Jon does all the hard work.


They’ve wrestled with marquees in the midst of gales, had arguments mid-service and suffered many a 5am start but they would choose no other life. They love the freedom, the happiness and all of the people it’s brought into their lives.